HTBS by the Numbers

31 December 2017

Dear HTBS Readers,

It is time to wrap up the year.

During 2017 HTBS has published 368 posts. We have had 161,038 views from 60,752 visitors this year.* The most read article during 2017 was an obituary on Charles Eugster, who died on 26 April at age 97, “Charles Eugster, the World’s Oldest Oarsman, Dies”. This article was published on 10 May and has so far had 2,556 reads.

Today’s post is the 2,687th post since we started on 12 March 2009 and in total we have had 1,818,712 views – wow, for a rowing history site!

Thank you for choosing HTBS for your daily read.

However, January and February are slow months when it comes to rowing so you will be noticing that we are slowing down a bit – taking the opportunity to recharge the batteries, so to say (and working on some other rowing projects). But, yes, we aim to continue publishing articles during 2018.

See you next year on HTBS!

Göran R Buckhorn,
editor, HTBS

(*Until  10 p.m. on 30 December)

One comment

  1. Many thanks to you, Göran, and to Mrs. B and all the little Bs, for providing this very special platform for contributors and readers alike. Best wishes to each of you for a happy, healthy and – dare we ask? – prosperous New Year!

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