Dan Boyne Gets a Taste of the Stroke Seat

Photo courtesy of Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

16 December 2017

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Here follows chapter 9 of “The Seven Seat: A True Story of Rowing, Redemption, and Revenge”, Dan Boyne’s tale about his rowing and sculling days in the 1970s at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, a series published on Row2K’s website.

In this chapter, “Musical Chairs”, Dan Boyne is placed in the stroke seat and feels like superman. Soon, however, another member of the crew is in that seat. Coach Poole moves around the oarsmen, and who is going to be the cox? Then one day, Poole announces that he has two surprises for the crew. The eight is rigged a European way, called a bucket, and he has found a new cox, a member of the women’s crew, who has just been cut. Things are looking up…

Read chapter 9 here.

Chapter 1 is here.

Chapter 2 is here.

Chapter 3 is here.

Chapter 4 is here.

Chapter 5 is here.

Chapter 6 is here.

Chapter 7 is here.

Chapter 8 is here.

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