Hart Perry will Give Name to New Boathouse

The Hart Perry Community Rowing Center. Drawing by Mike O’Neill. From the “Mystic River Press”.

16 August 2017

In a recently published article about the opening of “The Art of Rowing” exhibition and sale at The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, HTBS mentioned the Mystic River Boathouse Park, a $2.5 million project on the Stonington side of the Mystic River. Since a previous HTBS article written about the project in September last year, it has taken some major steps forward. A capital campaign is underway for the construction of the park, which is going to be located just north of Mystic Seaport on Greenmanville Avenue in Mystic. The project has three goals, the local Mystic River Press mentioned in an article last week: ‘to build the boathouse; to create a safe and secure location for the Stonington High School crew and its equipment; and to provide training and rowing programs for the community’.

Hart Perry

The Hart Perry Community Rowing Center Capital Campaign was recently founded by the organisation The Friends of Stonington Crew. Honorary chairperson for the campaign is Gillian Perry Millsom, widow of Hart Perry. The boathouse, named after the famous coach, rowing advocate, Executive Director of the National Rowing Foundation (NRF) and Henley Steward Hart Perry, who passed away in February 2011, will be called The Hart Perry Community Rowing Center.

‘The campaign’s $2.5 million fundraising goal comprises $1.5 million from private donors, who will be given naming opportunities; $500,000 from community support and special events; and $500,000 from corporate partnerships,’ writes Mystic River Press.

On 16 September, the campaign organisation will arrange a public kick-off event for fundraising at a venue yet to be decided.

Read more here.

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