Henley’s Second Day: A Trip Down The Course

The programme for Henley Regatta’s second (and final) day in 1843.
The pre-luncheon programme for Henley Royal Regatta’s second day (of five) in 2017.

30 June 2017

Tim Koch goes for walk down the Henley course, hoping that his pictures are worth a thousand words.

At Leander

Leander’s Thames Cup crew returning to the club after beating York City.
The Victorians prescribed Champaign as a ‘pick-me-up’ to weary oarsmen. Perhaps Leander have revived this custom?
The Leander Luncheon Marquee is decorated with large copies of pictures from its archive. This is the 1912 Olympic Crew in Stockholm.

Around the Boat Tent area

Abingdon School receive a pre-race briefing prior to their race against Shiplake College in the Princes Elizabeth Challenge Cup. They eventually lost.
Lea from East London boat for their ultimately unsuccessful heat of the Thames Challenge Cup against Agecroft from Manchester.
WH Mackworth-Praed (bow) and EJ Barton (stroke) after losing to Team Italia, Italy, in the Double Sculls. Mackworth-Praed is the oldest rower in the regatta.
The girls of Oxford Brookes cheer their boys as they go out for their race against Nereus from the Netherlands in the Temple Challenge Cup. Brookes went on to win.
This Brookes rower’s outfit will not get her into the Stewards’ Enclosure, but it is none the worse for that.
Yesterday, I mentioned that Jack Carlson, he of the ‘Rowing Blazer’ book, is now designing and manufacturing the classic jacket. He is here with Japanese menswear guru Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi,who is wearing Jack’s stripy ‘Croquet’ blazer.
A member of both London Rowing Club and Leander Club.
Looking like some revived vaudeville act, rowing historians Tim Koch (left) and Peter Mallory.
An elegant supporter of the Gonzaga College High School Crew brings blades for their race against Winchester College in the Princess Elizabeth, a heat which they won.
Boats are removed from the boat tents very soon after their crews are defeated. An interesting mixture of club allegiances are modelled here.

Outside of Stewards’

A gathering of various Dutch rowers enjoy a picnic in a car park.
A sad sign of the times. For the first time, armed police were in evidence and bag searches were in operation.

Along the tow path

A picnic with passing entertainment. The selected German crew, R.C. Allemannia von 1866 (far side) raced and lost to Royal Chester ‘A’.
If rowing 2,112 metres is not enough, try 3,000 miles. See headstogetherandrow.org.uk

At the start

Umpire Pinsent, about to start a heat of the Wyfolds in which Maidenhead (left) race Thames (right).
Maidenhead v Thames: An early warning for Thames.
Maidenhead v Thames: Along the Island.
Maidenhead v Thames: Passing the Temple.
Newcastle University (left) against Deerfield Academy (USA) in the Prince Albert. The Brits won.
In the Princess Elizabeth’s all-American heat, Kent School…
… raced Deerfield Academy (who won).
Sarah Winckless, the first woman to umpire at Henley, about to take charge of a heat of the Wyfolds.

Going home

At the railway station, I found Harrison from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. His mother made him this seersucker  rowing suit trimmed in his crew colours.
As a finishing touch, Harrison’s mother decorated his footwear. Unfortunately, they were not butt kicking shoes and Mercyhurst lost to Edinburgh University in the Visitors’.

All of the races held so far are on the Henley’s YouTube Channel  and there is also a 15-minute package of edited Day 2 Highlights  from Sir Matthew Pinsent.

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