The Boat Races Revisited

Photo: Tim Koch.

10 April 2017

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

One of the rowing events that this website loves to cover is The Boat Race (which is actually four races on the same day on the Thames). HTBS writes about the trials, fixtures, weighing-in, rowers and races of the past, we publish interviews and pictures, and, of course, report which crews won on Boat Race Day. And, do not forget, HTBS was there to cover the Oxbridge Veterans’ race, too. This year’s races kept HTBS’s Tim Koch very busy, though his colleagues Hélène Rémond and Chris Dodd gave him a helping hand.

If you happened to have missed one of the 21 articles HTBS published about the 2017 Boat Races, you will find them all here.

To offer you HTBS readers something ‘extra’, following is a beautiful video on YouTube, posted on 30 March, created by Iain Weir, “The Oarsman’s Song” by famous coach Steve Fairbairn. His poem is performed by the men and women of Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs. Enjoy:

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