Keep Calm and Carry On

8 April 2017

HTBS’s editor Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Sadly, since 2:53 p.m. local time, yesterday, we can add Stockholm to the list of cities which have been exposed to terror attacks in which innocent people were killed and injured. We still vividly remember the attacks in St. Petersburg last Monday, London on 22 March and the ones in Berlin, Nice, Istanbul, Brussels and, of course, the vicious attacks in Paris.

Some of these attacks, like the ones in Stockholm, St. Petersburg and London, were acted out by a lonely, pathetic and brain-dead loser. Whatever these terrorists try to achieve, they will never stop our civilized and democratic society from moving forward. While we are grieving the loss of innocent people, whether they are Swedes, Russians, Brits, Germans, French or any other nationality who have been murdered or suffered pain from these barbaric, violent acts, these actions will make us stronger.

When evil powers some eight decades ago tried to destroy our civilized world, these dark forces lost due to the resistance from ordinary, decent people, who were not willing to giving up their freedom. That is one thing we will continue to defend.

The hashtag, or cry, if you like, which was heard on 22 March in London and afterwards, you can still hear today: #WeAreNotAfraid.

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