RowingAdverts – One Year Old, and Growing…

unnamed12 January 2017

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

A year ago, the website RowingAdverts was launched in the UK by two rowing coaches, Jonny and Joseph (‘Joe’), who shared a love for rowing and web development. The duo met while coaching the University College Cork rowing team and has lots of experience with both coaching and competing in Ireland. After graduating with degrees in Computer Science, they combined both passions to bring new products to the rowing community.

Since January 2016, has risen to be the number one marketplace in the UK to advertise rowing products and services to athletes, their parents and coaches. The website has grown to have 1,000+ advertisements and 135,000+ advert-views. New sign-ups are increasing by 60 per cent per month. On RowingAdverts you will find everything from racing shells and oars to rowing books and jobs.

Jonny and Joseph have designed the website to be fast, mobile friendly and free. In addition to displaying adverts, the service also shares the ads on social media, gathering a lot of interaction and comments.

‘Since September 2016, we have added premium advert functionality, which allows premium users to highlight their ads in the ad-stream and place a permanent banner ad on the page. We currently have three premium advertisers and expect this to grow to ten thru 2017,’ Joe remarked. He continued: ‘Anybody with an interest in advertising to the rowing community can register for a free account and begin posting adverts straight away. Unlike other advertising sites – there is no charge!’

RowingAdverts has also become an advertising partner to Rowing Ireland (, the governing body of rowing in Ireland.

Jonny and Joe are now looking to the future. Earlier this month, they launched RowingAdverts on the U.S. market,

‘We are eager to provide our services to the U.S. market – the American rowing population is huge,’ Joe said.

HTBS readers will always find a link to RowingAdverts under “Good Rowing Links” on the right on this page.

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