The NRF’s 2016 Inductees to the National Rowing Hall of Fame

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3 February 2016

On 26 January, the National Rowing Foundation (NRF), with its headquarters in Connecticut, announced the selection of the 2016 inductees to the NRF’s National Rowing Hall of Fame. Inducted into the prestigious National Rowing Hall of Fame in April are 26 athletes and two so-called patrons of rowing.

“In choosing these honorees, the selection committee members were unanimous in their judgment that the performances of the boats and their crews more than met the rigorous Hall of Fame standards,” said Kent Mitchell, chair of the NRF Hall of Fame Selection Committee. “They will join the many great Hall of Fame crews from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Gold Medal “Boys in the Boat” eight to the 1984 and 2008 Olympic gold medal women’s eights.”

The selected athletes from six crews are:

The 1976 Olympic bronze medal women’s eight: Jackie Zoch Major, Anita DeFrantz, Carie Graves, Marion Greig, Anne Warner Taubes, Peggy McCarthy Bailey, Carol Brown, Gail Ricketson-Helfer, Lynn Silliman Reed and Coach Harry Parker.

The 1976 Olympic silver medal men’s pair: Calvin Coffey and Michael Staines.

The 1996 Olympic silver medal men’s quad: Tim Young, Eric Mueller, Brian Jamieson and Jason Gailes.

The 1996 Olympic bronze medal lightweight men’s four: Marcus Schneider, Jeffrey Pfaendtner, David Collins and William Carlucci.

The 1996 Olympic silver medal lightweight women’s double: Teresa Bell and Lindsay Burns Barbier.

The 2000 Olympic bronze medal lightweight women’s double: Christine Collins and Sarah Garner Walsh.

The Patrons selected for their long, expert, and selfless contributions to the sport of rowing are:

Timothy M. Hosea, MD, being honored posthumously for his more than 20-year commitment to rowing through his dedicated service as the U.S. Olympic and National team doctor.

Joanne Wright Iverson, for 17 years championing the inclusion of women in Olympic rowing culminating in her managing the women 1976 Olympic team.

Notable among these names are Anita DeFrantz and Coach Harry Parker from the 1976 Olympic bronze medal women’s eight, as both DeFrantz and Parker have already been inducted into the Rowing Hall of Fame at previous occasions.

The National Rowing Hall of Fame 2016 Induction Ceremony will take place in conjunction with the U.S trials for the Rio Olympics on 23 April 2016 near Sarasota, Florida. Tickets are on sale now at

The National Rowing Foundation was founded in 1966 and has since then raised millions of dollars in support of the development, selection, and participation of American athletes in international competition and the preservation of rowing history through the National Rowing Hall of Fame. For additional information, please contact Mara Keggi Ford 203.525.6566 or at

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