The 2015 Coastweeks Regatta: A Windy Affair in Pictures

This year’s Coastweeks Regatta at Mystic Seaport was a windy affair.


Göran R Buckhorn writes:

The Coastweeks Regatta starts the so-called ‘Head season’ here in New England. This year’s Coastweeks, the 24th consecutive event, was held yesterday at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. This is normally a regatta for local and regional juniors, seniors, masters rowers and collegiate crews in singles, doubles, pairs, fours and quads, but due to the institution creating a new north end at the museum (the Donald C. McGraw Gallery Quadrangle, which will have a new 5,000-square-foot exhibit building, the Thompson Exhibition Building), the bigger boats were not invited to the 2015 Coatsweeks. Approximately 90 entries came to race on the 2,000-metre course. Although the rain stayed away, the tailwind was hard at times and made this morning’s regatta a blustery affair.

Below are some photographs from the regatta:


Family, friends and other supporters had front row seats by the Mystic River.


Due to construction work at Mystic Seaport only singles, doubles and a few pairs could fit on the lawn by the river.


By now, everyone should know how to place their sculls on the fence – blades down.


As usual, a lot of shells had to be quickly put in the water or taken out of the water in an organised chaos.


Last minute discussion on tactics. Today’s best advice: don’t capsize!


On their way to the start… steady now, steady.


Two young ladies look happy after their race. Their red and black unisuits reveal that they are members of the club with the coolest name in New England – Blood Street Sculls in Old Lyme, Connecticut.


Ed Monahan, who has rowed and organised – sometimes both – the Coastweeks Regatta for 24 years, announced the winners and handed them their medals.


As usual, Eric from the museum’s gift shop was there to sell merchandise. Unfortunately, there was no regatta t-shirt this year…..


…. but well new regatta caps!


Find all the results from the regatta here.

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