Birthday Tea

Pic 1
Cheers. Sir Matthew enjoys some Auriol Kensington Rowing Club hospitality (there were chocolate biscuits as well).

Tim Koch writes:

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, there is only one thing in life worse than being tweeted about – and that is not being tweeted about. Sir Matthew Pinsent is very keen on Twitter where @matthewcpinsent has over 62,000 followers. I had always hoped that one day he would tweet something along the lines of ‘I saw Tim rowing today, he reminds me of a young Redgrave (Steve, not Vanessa)’. Sadly, this has not happened (yet) but he does admire my tea making – as this tweet from 23 March shows:

Matthew Pinsent @matthewcpinsent

Mar 23 Cracking cup of tea round @akrowing

Pic 2

Matthew was in Auriol Kensington Rowing Club at Hammersmith with a BBC crew to film inserts for the Boat Race broadcast on 11 April.


Matthew interviews Barry Davies, a veteran multi-sport commentator, best known to British football fans but also ‘The Voice of the Boat Race’ between 1993 and 2004.


Pic 4
Matthew interviews Gary Herbert, ‘the cox that cried’ after winning the Coxed Pairs at Barcelona in 1992. He is now a rowing commentator for the BBC and was part of a very effective commentary box ‘double act’ with the late Dan Topolski. Gary was ‘the excitable one’ while Dan was ‘the cool one’.

On the same day, Matthew also tweeted:

Matthew Pinsent @matthewcpinsent

Mar 23 Happy birthday Sir Steve Redgrave #53

It is a co-incidence that Britain’s two greatest Olympians should both be born on 23 March. Sir Steve (five Olympic and nine World Golds) also shares his birthday with cycling’s Sir Chris Hoy (six Olympic and eleven World Golds). Also in this club are runner, Mo Farah (two Olympic and three World Golds) and Sir Roger Bannister (the first man to break the four-minute-mile). Are they any good at making tea though?


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