Rowing Chat with Peter Mallory

PeterMalloryA new year mean a new round of interesting Rowing Chats from Rowperfect UK. First out on Wednesday, 28 January, between U.K. time (GMT) 7 and 8 p.m. (19:00 – 20:00), is famed rowing author Peter Mallory, known for, among others books, the four-volume The Sport of Rowing, which was published in 2011. His latest literary accomplishment is as editor of the four-volume eBook On Rowing by Steve Fairbairn, or as it is also called, the Complete Steve Fairbairn on Rowing.

Peter began his rowing career 55 years ago, as a coxswain, but moved rapidly to the stroke seat in the Lightweight Men’s Varsity Eight at the University of Pennsylvania. As an oarsman, he won two U.S. National Championships and four Canadian National Championships. As an accomplished coach, he has won another amazing 50 championships.

So here we have a man wearing many rowing hats: whether you are interested in the sport of rowing as an active rower, or coach, or just interested in the sport’s rich history, or maybe all three, Peter for sure is the fellow to put the questions to.

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