Santa’s Sydney Soirée 2015

Louis Petrin writes from Down Under:

Another year has passed so quickly and as always, it has been a pleasure to read the various HTBS blog posts.

A tricky question children often ask is, how can Santa deliver presents to children across the world? Well, I don’t know how he does it but whatever he does, it seems he still had time this morning to join a multitude of rowers for the yearly Santa Row from the Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Grumpy Oarmen of Drummoyne RC, set of this morning for a 5 km row to the start line just east of the Opera House.

Sydney1Boats of all sizes and types, except for a randan or an octopule, were there. Rowers from all the rowing clubs in Sydney came to race from the Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Dawes Point), a distance of about 300 meters or so. The numbers seemed lower this year, about 40 boats or so, but the excitement was great.

Sydney2So about 7.10, the boats were off! As always, the start was very haphazard and not all crews in a line but when the started said “Go”, all heads were in the boat and our crews aim was not to crash and to overtake other boats.

Sydney3We achieved our goals and continued back to the shed for well-earned X-mas pudding and bubbly.

Sydney4Apologies to all the pedants as this soirée took place at early morning. An article on Randans to come in 2016.

Best wishes to all rowers and those interested in rowing history across the world. Be aware, Santa is on his way!

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