Trial By Thames: The 2014 Trial Eights

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In the past each University gave medals and caps for those who were chosen for Trails. These days each trialist gets a lot of sponsor’s kit.

Tim Koch writes:

The Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race Tideway Trials took place over the full 4 1/4 mile Putney to Mortlake Championship Course on 9 December for the women and on 10 December for the men. These were not contests of Light Blue v Dark Blue, they were intra-university races, Oxford racing Oxford and Cambridge racing Cambridge, where the last sixteen rowers and last two coxswains from each university battle it out in theoretically matched boats, all eighteen hoping to impress the coach who has to make the final selection. This is the only time that the candidates for the Blue Boats will race the full course and the Trials are an important learning experience for athletes and coxes and an intense selection test, especially as it gives some indication of how individuals may cope with race day pressure.

The excellent Boat Race website gives race reports for all four contests, the women are here  and the men here. I managed to follow only the Oxford Women’s race from a launch but I did get some shots of all the other contests from land.

Pic 3
Along Putney Embankment the Oxford Women in Fantasy (left) trail their club mates in Real Life (right) 25 seconds into the race. Coach Christine Wilson follows in a launch. The students name each boat after some sort of pairing.
Pic 4
Real Life have clear water at Harrods.
Pic 5
Real Life win by 3 lengths.

Oxford Women:

Fantasy (Surrey). Bow Caroline Greves, Anastasia Chitty, Abigail Cottingham, Elo Luik, Alice Carrington-Windo, Chris Heemskirk, Ruth Siddorn, Amber De Vere, cox Jennifer Ehr.

Real Life (Middlesex). Bow Maxie Scheske, Lucinda Foote-Short, Katie Davidson, Georgia Daniell, Nadine Gradel Iberg, Emily Reynolds, Maddy Badcott, Lauren Kedar, cox Ayesha Rasheed.

Pic 6
In the Cambridge Women’s Race, Rise leads Grind by 2 lengths approaching Hammersmith Bridge.
Pic 7
Moving away from Hammersmith Bridge, Rise increased its lead to 3 lengths by Chiswick Steps and they eventually won by over 5 lengths.

Cambridge Women:

Rise (Surrey). Bow Evelyn Boettcher, Daisy Gomersall, Sarah Gibson, Isabella Vyvyan, Ashton Brown, Caroline Reid, Daphne Martschenko, Fanny Belais, cox Rosemary Ostfeld.

Grind (Middlesex). Bow Holly Game, Valentina Futoryanova, Catherine Foot, Gabriella Johansson, Claire Watkins, Melissa Wilson, Hannah Roberts, Hanna Evans, cox Will McDermott.

Pic 8
The Oxford Men in Fulham Reach. Per Terram (left) just lead Per Mare (right).
Pic 9
Approaching the Mile Post, Terram’s lead is not as great as this picture suggests.
Pic 10
At the Mile Post with no camera parallax error – Terram leads Mare by 3 seats. They eventually won by a length. The Boat Race Company said on Twitter: Junior, U23, World Champ and Olympic Bronze medallist (Constantine Louloudis) wins first Trial Eights at fourth time of asking.

Oxford Men:

Per Terram (Middlesex): Bow James Stephenson, James White, Will Geffen, Charles Thurston, James Cook, James O’Connor, Sam O’Connor, Constantine Louloudis, cox William Hakim.

Per Mare (Surrey): Bow Jørgen Tveit, David Grant, Joshua Bugajski, Henry Goodier, James Mountain, Morgan Gerlak, Michael DiSanto, Iain Mandale, cox Sam Collier.

Pic 11
The Cambridge Men along the Fulham Wall. 63 (left) are slightly behind Not Out (right). The eventual winner was Not Out by 2 lengths.

Cambridge Men:

63 (Middlesex): Bow Felix Newman, Chris Snowden, Joseph Carroll, Ali Abbasi, Blake Parsons, Matthew Jackson, Ben Ruble, Luke Juckett, cox Ian Middleton.

Not Out (Surrey): Bow Hal Bradbury, Piers Kasas, Chris Black, Alexander Leichter, Jasper Holst, Clemens Auersperg, Josh Hooper, Henry Hoffstot, cox Arav Gupta.

Pic 12
With the Women’s Boat Race and the Women’s Reserve Race coming to the Tideway in 2015, the women will get more media attention. Here, Oxford’s Alice Carrington-Windo faces the camera.
Pic 13
Oxford’s winning Per Terram crew comes off the water. It seems highly likely that ‘7’ man, Sam O’Connor and stroke man, Constantine Louloudis will remain in those seats for the 161st Boat Race on 11 April.
Pic 14
Boat Race legend and 2015 umpire, Professor Boris Rankov.

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