The 2014 Coastweeks Regatta in Pictures

Pic 16B
Time again for the Coastweeks Regatta on the Mystic River. Here’s a coxed mixed four.

Yesterday, the 23rd annual Coastweeks Regatta was held on the Mystic River on a 2,000-metre course at Mystic Seaport. This regatta starts the so-called Head season in New England for local and regional juniors,seniors, masters rowers and collegiate crews. The morning races were rowed in a little blustery weather, but the afternoon offered a sun that stood high in the sky with no clouds and calm water. Hundreds and hundreds of rowers, boys, girls, women and men from middle-school age to those ’70-years young, were seen racing in recreational or racing shells like singles, doubles, fours and quads. As it’s head races, it is first when the crews get back to shore and read the result lists, that they know if they medalled.

Below is a cavalcade of photographs which hopefully catch the spirit of this well attended regatta:

photo 2
Regatta General Pete Tebeau is directing crews and boats in and out on the water.
photo 15
Ed Monahan, one of the longtime organisers of Coastweeks, announces the upcoming ‘flight’ or heat.
photo 11
Some of the different prizes at the regatta.
photo 13
A quilt made out of 25 t-shirts all related to Coastweeks and Battle Between the Bridges (BBB), the latter Henley style races for singles, which was a brainchild of the late Hart Perry. Unfortunately, BBB did not survive Perry’s passing in 2011. This beautiful quilt was made by Betty Monahan, wife of Ed Monahan, who allowed Betty to use his old t-shirts.
photo 1
Many of the rowers bought this year’s Coastweeks’s t-shirt from Eric, who works in the Museum’s giftshop.
photo 1(2)
This year’s regatta t-shirt did not have any rowing image, but looked very ‘poetic’.
photo 12
Rowers and scullers had to line up to get access to the dock…..
photo 14
…. and wait some…
photo 1(1)
… but eventually the line will move a little closer to the dock.
photo 4
Oars and sculls, find the right ones now….
photo 4(3)
Coaches and parents are there to carry the blades.
photo 1(3)
Organised chaos!
It’s even crowded on the water, at least close to the docks.
photo 5
Umpires at the finishing line checking the crews’ bow numbers to get the right results. Coastweeks have used the system of Ronin Racing for years.
photo 3
Checking the result lists – how did we do?
photo 4(2)
After the races, time for a team photo – here the local rowing club Noank RC with coach Kristen Negaard-O’Brien on the left, back row.
photo 3(3)
Maybe time to relax? The Coastweeks organisers have for years offered the rowers and visitors some good jazz tunes.
photo 3(2)
The coolest name for a rowing club in New England?
photo 2(1)
No club tents are allowed in the middle of the boat park.
Rowing dress code 1.
Rowing dress code 2.
Rowing dress code 3.

You will find the results from the Coastweeks Regatta here.

Photography © 2014 Göran R Buckhorn

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