Life in Britain in 1914

From the Telegraph‘s series Life on the Eve of War, episode “Fashion in 1914” by Drusilla Beyfus.

The Daily Telegraph is right now running a series called “Life on the Eve of War” with episodes called, for example, “Women’s Rights in 1914”, “Art & Culture in 1914”, “Food in 1914”, “Cars & Planes in 1914” and “Fashion in 1914”. More is to follow, and we hope that eventually there will be one piece called “Sports in 1914” (I guess, hoping for a “Rowing in 1914” would be to ask for too much…). While we are waiting for this episode, you can enjoy Drusilla Beyfus’s “Fashion in 1914” in which you will find the image above, an advertisement for Burberry suits showing a gentleman at a rowing regatta, probably Henley.

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