Killarney Regatta with a Splash of Dark and Light Blue

Rowing Boat on Lake Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland. Photograph: © Madeleine Weber.*

Greg Denieffe writes,

Tuesday’s post by Tim Koch, mentions ‘The Watermen’s Challenge’ which made me think about this year’s Killarney Rowing Festival, which is to be held on Sunday 28 July. This year’s Rowing Festival will also include crews from Oxford and Cambridge.

The style of rowing seen at the regatta is the traditional fixed-seat rowing in wide, wooden six-oared and four-oared boats. The invitation goes out to Irish university rowing clubs, whose members have no experience with this type of rowing, and the ‘Oxbridge Cutters’ should beware of the local clubs in Killarney. Killarney Regatta has a very good website and Valerie O’Sullivan, Killarney Regatta PRO who is also a photographer, has a portfolio of wonderful non-rowing pictures which you can access here or by following the links tab.

HTBS has previously covered rowing on the Lakes of Killarney when we wrote about Penn’s Visit To Ireland In July 1901. This year they will be asking ‘Which Blue Are You?’ in a Kerry accent of course!

 The 1901 Penn crew on one of the Lakes of Killarney.

*The photograph on top is posted with courtesy of Madeleine Weber, who is a German, award-winning nature and assignment photographer, graphic designer and artist whose passion for art and for life is the energy that carries her through every day. Her main inspiration and motivation lie in the many forms of beauty offered by Mother Nature, which she finds in abundance living in County Kerry, Ireland. Get more information by visiting her on: 

 Also take a look at this beautiful video:

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