To Tough it Out with the Help of a Hot Irish Whiskey

Yes, you have guessed right, dear reader of HTBS, the electricity is now back at the HTBS headquarters and the village of Mystic and other parts of Connecticut. Our part, the southeast corner of the state, was the last one to get the electricity back – though, there might be some lonely pockets left in the state without electricity. I cannot tell you how nice it feels to have a warm house again, especially as the temperature plunged down to 42 F, or 5.5 C, inside the house! As our fire place is not working, we just had to ‘tough it out’ as the Yankees here say. Mrs. B. suggested that we should buy a camping stove which I think is a brilliant idea, especially as the good HTBS-arian Greg Denieffe just sent me a nice recipe for a Hot Irish Whiskey, which I would like to share with you all, here. It calls for boiling water, so that is where the camping stove comes in as we have an electric stove in our kitchen. Added to this recipe, Greg writes, is a cinnamon stick – lovely.

Mrs. B. took some photographs after the blizzard which I also would like to share with you. Enjoy…

Friday, late afternoon, the snow is coming down heavily, but the wind has not yet picked up…
The storm, which has taken down several electricity poles in Mystic, has passed and the work starts to clear off the snow from steps, cars, pavements, etc. Here we are beginning to see our cars again.
Our neighbours’ good son came out with their snow blower to use outside our house, too. Some surrounding towns around Mystic forbade residents to drive on the streets. The police handed out some hefty traffic tickets if you were caught out on the roads.
Picturesque picture of the HTBS headquarters.
Down the street from where we live. Look at those electricity cables hanging low!
Heavy ice on the electricity cables makes them hang dangerously low.
The sun is coming out…
The snow plows have done one round on Main Street in Downtown Mystic, but that was not enough to drive safely. Poor job!
Looking the other way down Main Street, towards east.

Downtown Mystic, Main Street.

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