2012 SilverSkiff Regatta in Turin

Photograph: Claudio Cecchin

The SilverSkiff Regatta in Turin, Italy, was back again after last year’s cancellation due to severe flooding. At this year’s regatta almost 500 single scullers had found their way to the waters of the River Po to race on the 11 km long course. The day before the SilverSkiff Regatta, a KinderSkiff Regatta for juniors was raced on a 4,000-metre distance by 200 youth scullers.

The men’s race was won by Jost Schoemann-Finck of Germany who had the fastest overall time at 41:39. Schoemann-Finck’s country woman Lena Müller won the women’s category at 47:11. The master I-category was won by 76-year-old Carlo Zezza of the U.S., this despite that he at one point flipped in his single scull. However, Zezza climbed back in his shell to win in his master class at 53:38. There was also an adaptive rowing category.

The scullers came from twenty-two different countries, FISA World Rowing website writes. To read more about the SilverSkiff Regatta, please click here. To get the results, please click here.


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