A Real Treat!

I was surprised to find that the day after Sandy, the Frankenstorm, had passed, the postman showed up with mail. The day after that, he brought me a real treat, the 104-page book Canon Noel Duckworth: An Extraordinary Life by Michael Smyth. HTBS has written about Duckworth and Smyth’s book earlier in August and September, but I cannot help pushing for this book as it is a thrilling piece of work about a most amazing man – and the book is as marvellous as HTBS has mentioned before! Author Michael Smyth and publisher Churchill College, Cambridge, are to be congratulated making the story about Noel Duckworth available for us all. And, yes, if you are wondering, Noel was born on Christmas Day 1912. Read more about what HTBS published before, here (where you will also find a link to order this book, at £8.99 + pp).

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