Exhibitionist At HRR

This lady has nothing to do with HRR.

Almost every year when the Henley Royal Regatta has begun, you come across an article in one of the British tabloids about a poor lady who has been stopped from entering the Stewards’ Enclosure because her dress did not have a hemline below the knee, or she broke the strict – some say ‘stuffy’ – dress code in another way. The ‘teary’ article always goes on saying that poor Chloe (or whatever her name is) had come all the way from ……… (you fill in a village name far away from Henley) and she had paid £xxx (you fill in a high amount, but not too high) for her dress, and not only that, she actually wore this very same dress (is that not a fashion faux pas?) at Ascots, and there she did not have any problem coming in….

So, this year it is the Daily Express which has an article about a lady who actually came in to the Stewards’ Enclosure it seems, but ‘shocked the rowing fraternity on the first day of the rowing meeting on the River Thames in the posh Oxfordshire town.’ Why, you might ask? Because she has tattoos – well, actually, her whole body seems to be covered from head to toe, ‘and fingers’ in ‘ink’. Excuse me, but if you have your whole entire body covered with flowers and birds and gardens and ships, obviously you are an exhibitionist and want people to stare at you! Read the terribly silly article here. And then watch this!

If you would like to read an article about ‘Henley fashion’, The Daily Mail actually had a nice article about that – here.

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