(To Say Nothing Of The Dog)

Is it ‘J’, Harris, George, and Montmorency sculling during the River Pageant?

One of the great things with running HTBS is the contact with you readers. It might be a comment for one of the blog posts, or just a short e-mail with a question or even a pat on the shoulder. Yesterday, Fraser from England sent an e-mail saying that in a nice photograph by Tim K., in his coverage of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant (posted on 4 June), Fraser found his own skiff. While the good Tim sent Fraser a photograph of his boat, Tim noticed another skiff on the port side of Fraser’s with a cute dog (see above).

I do not know if the terrier’s name is Montmorency, but at least Fraser informed me that the crew in the skiff is from Vesta Rowing Club and that ‘the terrier has his own bowl in the club bar’. See, I have always thought that the English were such dog lovers!


  1. Vincent McGovern of Vesta RC writes in an e-mail:

    'The dog's name is Purdy. And she is one of three muts that can be considered regulars at the Vesta bar.

    'She is by far the most regular. Her owner, Paul (wearing the blazer in the photo) is the house captain so is at the club regularly.

    'The other two (an Alsatian and a cross) are more weekend visitors!'

    Great information, Vincent, thank you!

  2. They are a thirsty lot at Vesta, I suspect the dogs are to guide them home after a night in one of the best bars on the Tideway.

    Tim K.

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