Rowers List 2: Göran Buckhorn

Hunting Howell began to row at Trinity Hall in 1895 and took the same year the Grand, got his Blue in 1897, and won both the Diamonds and Wingfields in 1898 and 1899. Courtesy NRF ©

Time for more lists, now the two Top Ten Scullers, up until 1919 and the Top Ten Scullers, from 1920 to present time picked by yours truly. They were not easy to put together, so I had to cheat: the scullers are in alphabetic order, not necessarily ranked within the lists.

Alexander Alcée Casamajor

List IV – Top Ten British Scullers (up until 1919):

1.    E. Barry (p.)
2.    H. Blackstaffe
3.    A. A. Casamajor
4.    R. Chambers (p.)
5.    B. H. Howell
6.    F. S. Kelly
7.    W. Kinnear
8.    J. Lowndes
9.    G. Nickalls
10.  F. L. Playford

Runners-up: R. Guinness, H. Kelley (p.), and V. Nickalls

Tony Fox

List V – Top Ten British Scullers (from 1920 to present time):

1.    C. Baillieu
2.    J. Beresford Jnr.
3.    R. Burnell
4.    B. Bushnell
5.    A. Campbell
6.    T. Fox
7.    P. Haining

8.    E. Phelps (p.)
9.    S. Redgrave
10.  L. Southwood

Runners-up: T. Crooks, M. Hart, and M. Hunter

F. S. Kelly

Comments: Two foreigners have sneaked on to List IV, the American Benjamin Hunting Howell (1875-1953*) and the Australian Frederick Septimus Kelly (1881-1916). Neither of these two gentlemen ever rowed in their home countries, Howell began to row at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and Kelly at Eton, and later took up sculling at Balliol College, Oxford. After their studies had ended, Howell continued to row as a member of Thames RC and Kelly for Leander Club.

(p.) is indicating a ‘professional sculler’.

* In all information on the web (also Wikipedia), and in rowing books where he is mentioned, B. H. Howell’s death date is always missing. Well, here it is: Benjamin Hunting Howell was born on 3 September 1875, died on 26 February 1953. Remember that you saw this information first on HTBS!


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