Loaded With Good Stuff!

I have just received the latest issue of Rowing & Regatta – and what a lovely issue it is! For quite some time now I have been wondering why on earth there was nothing about the upcoming BBC film Bert and Dickie in the magazine. But finally, in this May issue, there is an article about the film, just have a look at the wonderful cover showing Sam Hoare and Matt Smith portraying Dickie Burnell and Bert Bushnell, respectively.

Wendy Kewley, editor of R&R, had Patricia Carswell put together the article with long quotes by William Ivory, screenwriter, Sam Hoare, and Ross Hunter. The latter is a member of Leander and the rowing double for Smith/Bushnell in the double scull. There has been a ‘rumour’ that actor Hoare actually rowed at Eton, which he now brings up in the article. He says that, while he did go to Eton, ‘I hadn’t done a huge amount of rowing before I got involved in this project’.

Ivory also confirms that Burnell, although ‘a rowing royalty’ at Leander, ‘was clearly such a modest man’, which the readers of HTBS already know after all the articles about him on this blog. One question that this nice article does not answer is when this film is going to be on television. I guess, we all have to have our eyes and ears open.

Other interesting articles in this May issue of R&R are Martin Cross’s article on the eventful 158th Boat Race and Martin Gough’s article on the race between Oxford’s Isis and Cambridge’s Goldie, which Isis won. Furthermore, Gough also interviews Olympic champion Mark Hunter, and there are articles on the Oxbridge veterans’ race, the Henley Boat Races, and The Great River Race. As for Mike Rowbottom, who always has a well-written interview published about an interesting ‘old’ rower, this time he has taken on Chris Baillieu, the Cambridge Blue, who is depicted in Chris Dodd’s latest book, Pieces of Eight. Talking about Dodd, as always, he has a great piece on rowing history at the end of the magazine. This time it is about a voyage between London and Vienna in 1869.

HTBS congratulates R&R editor Wendy K. for a glorious issue loaded with good stuff!

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