The Suit Cracknell Wore

2004 Olympic gold medallists: Steve Williams, James Cracknell, Ed Coode, and Matt Pinsent

For those of you who are interested in Olympic rowing memorabilia, a seller on eBay is right now offering Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell’s rowing suit from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The seller writes, ‘The suit is signed by all four rowers (James Cracknell, Ed Coode, Sir Matt Pinsent, and Steve Williams) and comes with a letter of authenticity and a signed James Cracknell photograph.’

The starting bid is £500 (plus shipping) and the auction ends on 3 May. Read more here.

I would like to mention that HTBS, of course, has nothing to do with this eBay listing. I am not the seller and do not take any responsibility of what is said about these items, nor if they are authentic or not!

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