Bert Bushnell: "I was a bloody nuisance"

Today, The Daily Telegraph is publishing an interesting article about the 1948 Olympic Games by Janie Hampton. The article describes the many problem Great Britain had to organise the Games, but also the happiness amongst the athletes and the spectators to actually be there. The British rower Bert Bushnell, who together with Dickie Burnell won the gold medal in the double sculls on the Henley course, is quoted saying: “There was no fuss and my life wasn’t changed. I went back to work as a marine engineer on Monday. I didn’t get paid to have days off and my employers considered I was a bloody nuisance.” Read the article here.

On 5 March, Janie Hampton’s book Austerity Olympics: When the Games Came to London in 1948 (Aurum Press) will be published.

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