Regularly Postings, But Not Daily…

Dear readers of HTBS – Looking back at 2010, there were 325 entries posted on HTBS, and during last year we managed to post 351 entries, which is almost one entry a day. Although, HTBS is off to a good start for 2012, I am afraid, I will not be able to keep up a daily post, at best, maybe 2-3 posts per week. There is no lack of interest from my part, the reason is more lack of time. I have promised a maritime magazine in Stockholm a couple of articles for this spring, and then I have two half-written essays is my desk drawer that I need to attend to, plus one which I am doing research for right now. Add then my contributions to the Swedish and British rowing magazines, and.. well, my calendar is full (and here I am not even mentioning my full-time job as an editor of a magazine and my full-time job as the father to two small children…)

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