Five Very Brave Women!

The Row For Freedom crew, left to right: Kate-Richardson, Captain Debbie Beadle, Julia Immonen, Kate Pattison-Hart, and Helen Leigh.

Feeling a little ashamed that HTBS has neglected to mention Row For Freedom, an all-female team from the U.K., rowing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, we are here trying to emend. Like the rest of the Atlantic rowing teams, The Row For Freedom race to raise money and awareness of a special, noble cause, in their case, the issue of child slavery and human trafficking.

According to their website, this female crew of five, Captain Debbie Beadle, Kate-Richardson Julia Immonen, Kate Pattison-Hart, and Helen Leigh, has also decided to try to break two world-records, to become the first female crew to row across the Atlantic Ocean and to do so in the fastest time.

The team, hard at work at the oars in their boat The Guardian, has gained a lot of media attention, for example from The Huffington Post the other day, and from The Evening Standard, which could not ignore to mention to its readers that the ladies in Row For Freedom were rowing naked.

According to the latest reports, The Guardian seems to be the next boat making landfall in Port St Charles in Barbados.

Here is an earlier film clip about these brave women’s voyage over the Atlantic:

HTBS would like to express our admiration for these five brave women. Well done, ladies!

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