Tim Koch: Sorry Olaf……

An embarrassed Tim Koch writes from London…

My widely read interview with Olaf Tufe on Monday, 9 January, contained a very big mistake. I wrote that Olaf’s coach is Eskild Ebbesen, which is not correct, it is Carsten Hassing. My apologies to everyone involved and for any embarrassment caused. I must have misunderstood Olaf in a hasty interview in noisy conditions. The part about the difference of opinion over rate is correct but it is between Olaf and Carsten.

Göran R Buckhorn: As the editor of HTBS, I would like to apoligise, too, and take the opportunity to thank Michiel Jonkman, who contacted me from the Netherlands regarding this mistake. Michiel is right now working on a book about legendary scullers, among them Olaf Tufte, of course… Corrections have now been made to the post on Monday, 9 January. Again, we are deeply sorry…

Picture of Carsten Hassing from Rowing Canada.

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