Row2Recovery Crew In Trouble

One brave crew: front row (ltr) Will Dixon, Neil Heritage, and Rory Mackenzie; back row (ltr) Carl Anstey, Ed Janvrin, and Alex Mackenzie. Photo ©

The six British ex-soldiers, Neil Heritage, Rory Mackenzie, Carl Anstey, Will Dixon, Ed Janvrin, and Alex Mackenzie, who form the crew Row2Recovery, which right now is trying to cross the Atlantic, and which HTBS wrote about on 18 November, 2011, has run into problems, writes the Daily Telegraph. The brave crew, four who have lost limbs in combat and their two able-bodied crew members, is running terribly low on fresh water since their desalinator that converts seawater to drinking water broke down. The manual pump also broke down. Their supply of water will run out in slightly more than a week, so it is extremely important that the rescue boat, which has 300 litres of water bottles, will reach them in a week’s time, at the latest.

Read the article in the Daily Telegraph here.

These brave men’s campaign Row2Recovery to support service men and women has so far raised £625,000.00. They hope to raise £1M during their daring voyage across the Atlantic. Please donate here.

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