Red Bull Ready To Row 2011

From the Red Bull Ready to Row website HTBS has borrowed the following:

Red Bull Ready to Row – there has never been anything like it! The world’s first rowing relay race and a human baton on the water. Eight athletes, four boats, two changing pontoons and 4x800m full speed. 20,000 spectators lining the banks at “Museumufer” in Frankfurt, Germany threw their hands up in horror as the boats raced up to the changing pontoons at full speed and only jammed the brakes with their oars at the very last moment. A lot of hectic, loud yelling and cheering on among the athletes. Pure emotions: the changing on the 8x2m large shaky pontoons were really more than tricky. German rowing champion Marcel Hacker as team captain of the Great Eight team with Olympic and World champions won the race.

To get more information, go to the Red Bull Ready to Row website with videos by clicking here.

See video from the rowing relay race here:

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