New Book On NZ Gold

The good fellow Bernard Hempseed on the other side of the world, New Zealand, that is, has sent me a very interesting e-mail about some rowing books. First he mentions that Frank Cosentino’s book Ned Hanlan (first published in 1978) in “The Canadians” series is going to be republished, and then he writes,

“Recently I picked up a new rowing book. It is called Reflections of Gold, A Celebration of New Zealand Rowing by Peter Bidwell. It is not a history of rowing in New Zealand as such but rather concentrates on the history of the NZ eights. They won the gold at the 1972 Olympics. It also covers Mahe Drysdale, Rob and Sonia Waddell, Beijing Olympics, some women’s rowing, and a few other events. Overall NZ crews and singles have done rather well at Olympic and World Championship levels. Club or school rowing is not described except where it involves the larger picture. The book was published in 2010, I assume in time for the World Championships here. At about 255 large format pages with many coloured photos it is a handsome publication. It was a reasonably expensive book when it was published but perhaps the sales were not as anticipated as it has been remaindered at a steep discount.”

Thank you, Bernard, for this information. I have looked around if the book is available in the USA and in Great Britain. So far, the book is available only in the ‘Kindle edition’ at Amazon. However, without really being sure, the great, great Richard Way Bookshop in Henley might have it?

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