Seeking A Younger Sculler With An Attitude

Earlier today, a fellow named Fred down in Florida sent a question to HTBS. I am afraid I do not know the answer to his question, nor did some rowing historians whom I passed the question on to. But someone out there reading this blog might have a clue, so here is Fred’s question:

“Perhaps you could give me a lead on finding a charming short story that I heard years ago on NPR, but am not able to identify the author or name of the story. I recall that this story is in the first person of an older fellow from Boston sculling on the Charles River. In this story he finds himself sculling against a much younger rower with an attitude. The tale is colored by tradition and wisdom, and I often think about it as I row (especially as I age).”

I find the question very interesting, and I, too, would really like to get the answer. Although, in real life I have known many “younger rower with an attitude”…

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