New Documentary Film About Rowing On The Hudson

Yesterday, the Mid-Hudson Rowing Association, MHRA, had a premier screening of the film, A History of Rowing on the Hudson at the newly restored and modernized, but still historic, Cornell Boathouse. The organization had very kindly sent me an invitation, but unfortunately I was not able to attend. This was indeed a pity, and from an e-mail I received earlier today from Bill Washburn of the MHRA and one of the filmmakers, I understand that I really missed a great event. Bill writes in his e-mail that the premier screening “for many of us at the Mid-Hudson Rowing Association, it was the culmination of two and half years of work. Judging from the enthusiasm of the applause at the end and the heartiness of the handshakes and congratulations, it was a success.”

Rowing historian Tom Weil, who has just come back from a trip to China, was there and, Bill writes, Tom “said a few words before the screening to encourage the audience to visit the National Rowing Hall of Fame at Mystic Seaport Museum. He was in much demand at the end from people with their own collections of rowing memorabilia who were looking forward to visiting the museum.” Tom Weil, as one of the most famous rowing historians in the world, is of course featured in the film at the Rowing Hall of Fame.

For anyone who is interested in a copy of A History of Rowing on the Hudson, for $20 a DVD can be yours (Blu-Ray version, $25). Go to the MHRA’s website and the “Special Merchandise” page by clicking here.

All proceeds from the sale of the film will be used to support the Hudson River Rowing Association Community Boathouse, which is located at Poughkeepsie, NY, and the seven local high school rowing programs, which use this facility. “The production costs were underwritten by a grant from the Hudson River Improvement Fund and individual donations from members of MHRA,” Bill Washburn also mentions in his e-mail.

I have followed Bill and his fellow filmmakers hard work for a couple of years now, I am very pleased to hear the good news that their documentary has now crossed the finish line. It is my sincere hope that many, many people who are interested in rowing will click on the link above to order a copy, or two, of A History of Rowing on the Hudson.

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