Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I did not, especially as I know that the ones I might have come up with would be hard to keep. So I decided against making any promises.

This being said, I do have hopes for the new year. Besides hoping that my dear family will be at good health, I hope to continue to do a couple of work-outs on the erg every week. I hope, as soon as the ‘winter conditions’ has disappeared from the Mystic River, that I will be able to pick up the old wooden single scull, built by Joe Garofalo of Worchester Oar & Paddle Co., that a very nice person gave me for free some months ago. I am feeling a desperate need to get out on the water…

I have promised both HTBS’s Tim Koch of Auriol Kensington RC and Per Ekström, editor of the Swedish rowing magazine Svensk Rodd, to meet them at the Henley Royal Regatta this year. I see this as a gentlemen’s agreement that I will not break. I also hope to be able to continue to post entries on HTBS during 2011. It became a lot of them last year, thanks to HTBS’s special correspondents Hélène Rémond’s and Tim Koch’s contributions; but also because other readers of HTBS contacted me with rowing questions or suggestions of topics. Please keep them coming!

I would also like to share some good news: I managed to get a new job for 2011! As of now, I am the editor of the Mystic Seaport Magazine. Please wish me luck!


  1. Happy new year 2011 Göran and of course good luck with your new job – well done!

    Best regards from the coldest and most snowy Sweden for the past 100 years!
    Kenneth Adler

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