FISA Survey

If you are a rower, The International Rowing Federation, FISA, would like to have your help. FISA has a survey on its website where Matt Smith, FISA Executive Director, is asking you to fill out an on-line questionnaire. He writes,

“In view of adjusting to the rapidly changing and increasingly challenging global environment, World Rowing, the media and marketing arm of the international governing body of rowing, has been conducting a full internal review of the sport in all its form, the events and the organisation.
Now, we would like to broaden this review by asking our wider rowing audience to contribute to the process.
We would be grateful if you could take the time to fill out our on-line questionnaire; it should not take more than fifteen minutes to complete. Please be forthright and honest. Your views will be extremely valuable in helping us to shape the future of World Rowing.
Thank you very much in advance, for your valuable time and input.

Yours, Matt Smith, FISA Executive Director”

Go to the survey by clicking here.

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