2011 Red Bull XRow

A new and different rowing competition was held in Switzerland during the past weekend (I think), The Red Bull X-Row, where crews are rowing from Zug to Lucerne, and running with the boats between the lakes! I have not found any results as of yet, but this is what The Red Bull web site writes about the race:

“Red Bull X-Row is brand-new, innovative event concept that combines the popular Swiss sport of rowing and running. The Swiss landscape has long been calling out for bullish rowing event, with its picturesque backdrop and beautiful lakes. In days gone by rowing and running went hand-in-hand, and Red Bull are going back to the glory days in a race crossing three separate lakes, and also the land between them with the boats hoisted on the teams’ shoulders. 40 teams of 8 rowers plus cox will compete, among them the Switzerland national rowing team and British former World Championship and Olympic rower Toby Garbett, ensuring that Lucerne is welcoming the very best caliber of athlete back to its shores.”

Get more information by visiting Red Bull’s web site.

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