Filming For The Facebook Movie

HTBS special correspondent in London, Tim Koch, writes in an e-mail:

With reference to today’s post on the forthcoming feature film about ‘Facebook’ and the Winklevoss boys, you may see more rowing in it than the trailer promises. During the lunch break at Henley this year the film makers were allowed to recreate a Harvard – Nereus race of some years ago in which the overachieving brothers were involved. The crowd were urged to cheer as in a real race and were warned that, if they did so, they gave implied consent for their image to be used. To make the best use of their limited time, the film people actually put two ‘Harvard’ and two ‘Nerus’ boats afloat. They were not well matched so expect some interesting continuity errors. This, of course, is only of concern to pedants and rowers. Anyone who expects accurate rowing scenes in a film will be disappointed – see the ‘Tideway Slug’s Guide to Rowing Films’.

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