Top Entries and Beautiful Weather Enticed The Crowd

Here is Hélène’s third report from Henley Royal Regatta. She writes how she really enjoys sharing her photographs with the HTBS readers. Well, I can hardly express how very grateful I am to have a special correspondent at Henley Royal for this blog. Truly, it is a treat to publish Hélène’s notes and photographs here – many thanks to you, Hélène!
She writes from Henley: “Today, I could see the difference from previous days. As it is Saturday, the crowd has arrived. The regatta has become much busier. I tried to go the start line but changed my mind since it was hardly accessible. People were queuing early on to have access to the Regatta Enclosure. A British lady, who previously has been to this event, told me that she had never seen such a crowd here before. Is it the exceptional top level entries and the number of the crews that have made the spectators decided to come and see this prestigious event during such a beautiful summer day? For sure the nice weather is a part of the success of this year’s regatta. It is so sunny and the temperature is very high… It must be hard for the rowers to bear this heat, though.

Among the spectators I found three Canadian ladies who are living in Britain and were good examples of how elegant women are at the regatta.

I also spent some time at the Photographers’ Box this afternoon, with Julie, from the Auriol Kensington Rowing Club. She is a commentator for the Regatta Radio.

Tea time is part of the tradition, of course, just like the lunch break – everything stops and becomes ‘empty’.

Now it is time to go and see the French Four racing. I am impressed by their results, still winning their races today!”

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