A ‘New’ Rowing Magazine

In an attempt to save money some national rowing federations ceased publishing their magazines, or turned them into electronic magazines or newsletters. It is therefore refreshing to hear that the French Rowing Federation is going (or maybe rowing) against the flood to revitalize its publication, or in the words of Hélène Rémond, “revolutionized its publication”. In an e-mail Hélène writes that the Fédération Française des Sociétés d’Aviron, FFSA, has decided to create a magazine that is more attractive and better “suit the lovers of the sport.” She continues “The magazine’s previous title was Aviron and has now been changed into Ramer” – both words mean ‘rowing’ (with ‘ramer’ being the verb, and ‘aviron’ being the name of the sport). The magazine, which now has a larger format and is printed on recycled paper, went from 44 pages up to 64 pages with more photographs, interviews, reports, etc. Earlier it was a bimonthly magazine which has now changed to quarterly. Hélène also mentions that in the first issue there is an article about Leander Club.

Hélène wonders if other printed rowing magazines like the ones published in the USA, Great Britain, and Sweden are all published quarterly, too? Well, the Swedish Svensk Rodd is published quarterly, while the American Rowing News (formerly Independent Rowing News, which obviously is not published by USRowing) is a bi-weekly magazine, and British Rowing’s Rowing & Regatta is published ten times a year.

I wish Ramer good luck, and thank you, Hélène for sharing these interesting news.

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