Beer – A Great Help To Crews In Training?

My earlier posting about Brakspear’s ale, triggered Tim Koch to send me a message with a superb Brakspear ad. Tim writes “Your postings on rowing and alcohol prompt me to send a picture of the advertisement from the 1928 edition of the Oarsmans Companion on display in the Auriol Kensington RC ergo room. I like the idea that oarsmen in training should only drink the purest beer. It reminds me of the old advertising by-line for ‘Craven A’ cigarettes which urged you to smoke them ‘For Your Throats Sake’.”

It is a great ad, I must say. I remember in 1991 when I was at an international regatta at Gladsaxe Rostadion, Lake Bagsværd, outside of Copenhagen. In between heats, I saw the members of the Australian coxless four relaxing, playing ping-pong and drinking beer. This was an hour before they went out to easily win the final. A couple of weeks later, they became the world champions in the coxless four in Vienna, Austria.

I like to believe that the Danish beer the Australian fellows drank had something to do with their success that year.

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