Great Rowing Books

After I had posted my entry about Fremantle’s pamphlet, where I also mentioned Brittain’s and Playford’s books about the Jesus College BC, I happened to see that bookseller Boudicca’s Books in London had some books for sale about the college and its boat club, The Jesus College Cambridge Boat Club 1827-1994 (1995), Records of the Jesus College Boat Club, Vol. II 1862-1885 (1886), and Jesus College University of Cambridge, College Histories (1902). They also have a couple of books by Steve Fairbairn, Rowing Notes (1930 edition) and The Complete Steve Fairbairn on Rowing (1990 edition). These are not cheap books, but do have a look at Boudicca’s Books as the bookseller has taken the time to give long, detailed information about these books.

Otherwise, if you are looking for new or old books on rowing, the first bookshop you should contact is, of course, Richard Way on Friday Street in Henley-on-Thames. You can easily contact Ms. Diana Cook on – they have great service!

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