Pocock RC: New Club for Adult Rowers

George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center

10 March 2023

By Göran R Buckhorn

The other day, The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) in Seattle announced that the foundation has established an organisation to serve adult rowers, Pocock Rowing Club (PRC).

From 1 April 2023 (not a joke!), PRC will operate adult rowing programmes from GPRF’s George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center, which will also serve the members of Ancient Mariners Rowing Club and Montlake Rowing Club. PRC aims to give adult members of the Seattle community a chance to try out the sport of rowing as Master rowers. As the PRC is a separate entity, which is independent from GPRF, the club will be able to do its own fundraising for its club members.

In a statement, GPRF said:

Since its inception in 1984, the GPRF has been focused on supporting and growing the sport of rowing in the Seattle area and the greater Pacific Northwest.  As the organization has grown, its focus has moved from building more boat houses to becoming a more robust sport based youth development organization. As a leader in the sport, the GPRF works to help young people access and experience the life changing sport of rowing, regardless of background or circumstance.  

With its increasing focus on serving youth athletes, the GPRF determined that the current adult athletes operating under its purview would be better served by an independent organization.

Jenn Gibbons, GPRF’s Executive Director, said: “This governance transition creates more space, autonomy, and resources for every individual being served at the boathouse. With the creation of the Pocock Rowing Club and its focus on adults, alongside the GPRF’s continued focus on young people, each organization can focus on its mission while simultaneously remaining part of a collaborative boathouse community.”

Rachel Le Mieux

Rachel Le Mieux has been appointed the Pocock RC’s first Executive Director. Le Mieux has more than 40 years of experience in the rowing world, as a rower, coach, USRowing Referee and World Rowing Umpire.

“We are thrilled to welcome Rachel to the Pocock Rowing Club,” said John Holt, Board President of the new club. “Her impressive business experience, her work developing and growing adult rowing programs, her coaching ability, and her deep ties to the local and national rowing community make her the perfect fit for this role. We’re excited to see the impact she’ll have on our adult programs and the broader rowing community in Seattle.”

“I am honored to be joining the all-new Pocock Rowing Club,” said Le Mieux. “I look forward to working with the coaching staff and members of the club to build upon the strong foundation that has been established here. I am committed to ensuring that PRC is a leader in the rowing community, both locally and nationally.”

Rachel Le Mieux will be responsible for overseeing the club’s adult programming and membership. She will manage coaching staff, develop and implement training programmes and financial management.

One comment

  1. Congratulations on the initiative. I wish I were within driving range, not on the other side of the world, to join in.

    Regards, and “Good Rowing “. (quote from the long past Australian Broadcasting Commission Argonauts Club, for the Australian readers.)

    Peter Edmonds
    Perth, Western Australia

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