In Medias Res


Coming out of his shell
of shyness,
he climbed into his shell,
and took to the river.

He felt pumped.  He felt
he could express himself,
by the power of his strokes,
more clearly, more certainly
than by words in conversation
that often failed him.

There was an elegance
about him out
on the water, an elegance
of motion, a smoothness
not even nothing interrupted.

Out, there, he was.
Anywhere else, he was
only a half-life.

Philip Kuepper
5 September 2014


  1. I really appreciate the rowing poetry of Phillip Keupper! Has he produced a book of his poems? or is there a listing of his poetry?

  2. Dear Peter ~ thank you very much for your nice comment. I will make sure that Philip reads it. I have been fond of Philip’s poems, also those not dealing with rowing, for a long time. By now I believe that he has had more than 100 of his rowing poems posted on HTBS. You will find all of them when you click on his name on the list on the right, do not forget to click on “older posts” to get to earlier posted poems by Philip. Although, he has had non-rowing poems published in newspapers and magazines, Philip has not yet published a book of poetry. Maybe HTBS should publish some of his poetry on rowing?
    Kind regards, Göran R Buckhorn, editor HTBS

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